#walk1000miles Challenge Accepted

#walk1000miles Challenge Accepted


The Subway Arboretum Nottingham January 2017

To walk 1000 miles in a year one has to complete 2.74 miles every day for 365 days. Now just less than 3 miles per day isn’t an impossible task but one that will take dedication to pursue. Country Walking magazine is promoting #walk1000miles in 2017 after the success of this project in 2016. Currently over 24,000 people have signed up with this magazine to complete this distance. One of those is me. In the distant pass I surpassed the 1000 mile target a few times in the 1980’s when this distance was promoted by the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) for it’s members to accomplish. In 1986 I completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks, 23 miles; the Black Mountains Roundabout, 25 miles; the Surrey Summits, 62 miles; the Fellsman Hike, 61 miles; the South Downs 100; and the Lakes Four Three Thousands, 45 miles. So with just these six events I notched up 316 miles in that year. These events coupled with completing several 20 miles plus LDWA walks organised by the High Peak and Sherwood Groups at weekends and personal walks during the week it is easy to see how I hit the 1000 miles in a year target.


Superb weather on my walk through the Arboretum on 5th January 2017

However, in 2017 my time during the week will be limited to what distance I can realistically complete during a lunch hour. For this I worked out a route that I can start and finish at my work place that goes through two green lungs of the City of Nottingham, the Forest Recreation Ground and the Arboretum. Using Ordnance Survey (OS) Digital Maps Premium I could devise a route on their 1:25,000 scale maps and this even provided a target time. The route measured out at 1.93 miles (3.1 km) and the target time was 42 minutes. I have now completed this route 18 times from 3rd January to 10th February yielding 34.74 miles towards the 1000 mile target. My fastest time was 30 minutes and the slowest 36 minutes so every walk was within the OS target time. Public Health England recommend we should be doing a minimum of 30 minutes moderate exercise at least five days per week so this walk is also enabling me to meet these standards.

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