#walk1000miles The first 200 miles

#walk1000miles The first 200 miles

Display of tulips in the Arboretum
Snowdrops close-up
Close-up of snowdrops in Dimminsdale Woods

In a moment of possible madness I decided to embark on the Country Walking magazine’s #walk1000miles in 2017 challenge. My first walk was what I called #WorkWalk which is a walk of 1.93 miles that I could do within my lunch hour at work. Luckily I work close to two green lungs in the City of Nottingham: the Forest Recreation Ground and the Arboretum. Truly splendid urban walking locations that not only aid physical fitness but also mental wellbeing. So the first circuit was completed on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 and now I have completed numerous rounds that have enabled me to steadily tick off the miles.

My wife and I have for the last couple of years wanted to see the beautiful display of snowdrops in Dimminsdale Woods in Leicestershire and we also seemed to always be a couple of weeks late. However, this year we were better planned and a visit there would also add a few miles towards my #walk1000miles total. Finally we saw the spectacle for ourselves which was an amazing experience and I added another couple of miles.

Tractor tracks
Tractor tracks provides evidence of the mud encountered on the local rambles

Lego MiniFig Navigator with snowdrops
Chris Navigator ready to go on another hike to add towards his #walk1000miles challenge

Alongside the #WorkWalk the mainstay walks were two local ones that I could access straight from my front door. One was an old favourite devised back in 2011 and first walked on 4th September in that year. This 7.25 miles walk is over mixed terrain which includes tracks, footpaths and bridleways and it also has a couple of up hill sections. In the current period of walking mud features prominently in a few areas. The other local walk is one I originally planned to be around 15 miles but during the first excursion I didn’t feel 100% so I shortened the route. I liked this version, which measures out at just a tad over ten miles, very much so I have done this five times now. In fact it was during the fourth completion of this particular walk that I went through the 200 mile point on Sunday 19th March 2017. If it wasn’t for #walk1000miles I might never have designed this walk which uses the Logan Trail, a disused railway line, just south of Gotham as part of the route.

On behalf of Chris Navigator many thanks Country Walking magazine for the #walk1000miles challenge I have not felt fitter in thirty years! Now a fifth of the way towards the target and all I need to do is maintain this momentum.

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Arboretum Nottingham


Dimminsdale Nature Reserve Leicestershire